“Dumfries” believe that “Python” can invade the comeback to win at Anfield.

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Inter Milan wing-back Denzel Dumfries says they still have a chance of a comeback win over Liverpool at Anfield. For a chance to qualify for the next round in the Champions League

, the European Cup Round of 16, the first match at the San Siro Stadium on Wednesday night, “Python” fought well, but ended up being hit by a six-time champion team, “Reds”. They won 2-0 with goals from Roberto Firmino and Mo Salah.

The second game will be played at Liverpool’s home on March 8. Even Inter’s chances are not good, but Dumfries still believe. that they will be able to turn the situation around. the ufabet report

The Dutch wing-back said after the game: “I think we played well in the beginning, we fought, we defended firmly. Makes him want to play and put pressure

I think we played well at the beginning,” he said. “We fought, we kept the lines tight; we made it difficult for them to play under pressure.”

“In the end we gave them opportunities to score but 0-2 is an exaggerated result,” he added, “we did our best.”

On the potential for a comeback in the second leg he said that “Of course it’s possible, every game is different. It won’t be easy but I believe in our qualities, we will go there to play and to win.”

on. We have done the best we can.”

“Of course it is possible (comeback to the finals), each game is different. It won’t be easy but I believe in our quality. We will go over there and play to win,” he said.