Neuer raised the team to play.

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Manuel Neuer, Bayern Munich’s goalkeeper sees that. The important factor that made the team beat the Gunners came from everyone’s disciplined football play.

The Southern Tigers won at home against Arsenal 1-0 in the Champions League quarter-finals, second leg on Wednesday. Bayern won 3-2 in the two matches, successfully advancing to the semi-finals. They will meet Real Madrid.UFABET 

“I think it’s a special night for us to play here [Allianz Arena].” said the German.

“The atmosphere, the fans, the support. But what’s important is the discipline in the game that we create with our own performance. Which I think is the key to us qualifying today. We are pleased to have made it through to the next round.

“I think my important role in the team is to find the right balance and not take too many risks. Then in making the game from the back. They look for the right pass. Threaten the opponent And I think we have a good balance which is very important.”

Neuer set a record in the past match after not conceding a goal to his opponent. Standing as one of the goalkeepers who have kept the most clean sheets in the Champions League arena with 58 matches.