Aston Villa boss Steven Gerrard hits back at Arsenal star’s comments

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Aston Villa manager Stephen Gerrard has responded to Bukayo Saka, saying football is a sport where clashes take place. After the young Arsenal team Sue the referee to protect him more.

The boss was told during an interview with the media after the game. That Saka revealed he had sung to referee Andy Madley at the “Cannons” game. Beat Villa 1-0 to defend more after being kicked by opponents.

“He said we played too hard? They (Arsenal) didn’t foul today?” said Gerrard. The ufabet report.

“Listen, it’s part of the game. The last time I checked, it wasn’t a sport where touching was not allowed.

“I think fighting is permissible. Physical play and aggressive play are the same.

” He (Saka) is a good player. An outstanding player, I love him, but he can’t complain about them. that’s football.

The former Liverpool skipper claimed that the 20-year-old would have to cope with the physicality of the Premier League and should not complain.

Stevie G insisted that he himself had to undergo 16 surguries throughout his career and that is English football.

“I sat for an interview with a bolt on my hip. I’ve had about 16 surgeries, and now I’m still having problems going to the gym.

“That’s part of making money playing football in England. He will learn and learn quickly.”