Harry Kane is ready to play Hotspur until the end of the contract

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Harry Kane the Tottenham Hotspur striker has no problem. If he has to play with the same camp in the 2023-24 season if the deadline 00:00 has passed on Saturday, August 5th (local). Can’t agree a fee with Bayern Munich

Report from ‘Sky Sport Deutsche Land’ that ‘Southern Tiger’ has been taunting the 30-year-old spear for several weeks. It is about to fall off the table if its latest bid surpasses 100m euros (around £86m) including bonuses. Not accepted before Friday night UFABET

Of course, the figure is still far from what Tottenham wants, 116 million euros (about 100 million pounds), so it’s worth following what kind of conclusion is final. 

Because if out of this offer, the Bayern executives will deflect other options instead of the England captain. 

In the case of going to the Allianz Arena. The wages that Harry Kane will receive a net of 12.75 million euros – per year (approximately 11 million pounds), bonded for 5 years, excluding bonuses from goal performance and playing games again. 

All of which are considered a break from Bayern’s tradition. Because they never gave contracts to players over 30 years old more than year-to-year.

Incidentally, if the president of the club, Daniel Levy, refuses to sell Ken , the players agree to serve the team professionally. Just don’t renew the contract, only ask to move , design, free agent after 30 June next year.