How to bet on Hi-Lo

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How to bet on Hi-Lo For the dice master who plays often, probably will play together already, but for how to bet on dice to get money. That probably not everyone can do it because to bet on dice to get money. It depends on many factors. But the important thing that will help make money from playing Gclub dice is a matter of technique. How to bet on dice to get money The fun of the online Hi-Lo game is that players can choose to place a variety of bets. Whether it’s Teng, Toad, High-Low or Tong. Each of which has a different payout rate. go out to ufabet.

How to bet on Sic Bo to get money In the past, Sic Bo will use a method. To listen to the sound when the dealer shakes the dice. But for playing Sic Bo online, players cannot do that because in order to bet on Sic Bo with Gclub, players will have to place bets first. will shake the dice Therefore, it requires a formula or technique. How to bet on Hi-Lo to get money by technique, how to bet on Hi-Lo. That will be introduced in this article, is the formula for betting Tod, has a payout rate of 5 times, by betting on Tod, is choosing the number to bet on 2 numbers, hoping that all 3 dice This ball will be issued the number Tod. How to bet Hi-Lo using the formula to bet Tod has the following methods.

How to play dice to earn money

Step 1: Look at the game about 3-4 eyes first, then notice which points are drawn the most. Then hold that point as the main point.
Step 2: After getting the main point. Then bring that point to Toad with the other remaining points. For example, from the picture, in the first 3 eyes, it can be seen that the 3 points come out the most often, then take the 3 points as the main point, and then bring the 3 points to hit with the other points. The rest such as Tod 3 , 1 Tod 3 , 2 Tod 3 , 4 Tod 3 , 5 etc. From the Hi-Lo picture, all 12 eyes have gone out and have 3 points out of 9 eyes.