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Snooker is another sport that is very popular among Thai sports fans. Although the current sport of snooker in Thailand is not as famous as other countries. But it is considered a sport that has been in Thailand for a long time. Currently, ufabet the number 1 online gambling website has opened online snooker betting To appease sports bettors to be able to bet on online via mobile phone To create convenience in your sports betting There are also many different sports games as well.

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online snooker rules, rules, regulations

Snooker is a sport that uses a cue to play. By playing on a flannel table with holes in the 4 corners of the table, the players will use the cue stick to stab the white ball (only) to roll to hit other colored balls into the hole to get a score. Therefore, let’s understand the different colors. and the score of each color The snooker ball has a total of 8 colors.

  • White ball has 1 ball, no score, is a ball used for stabbing to hit the colored ball into the hole
  • Red balls have 15 balls, each ball has 1 point.
  • The yellow ball has 1 ball equals 2 points.
  • Green ball has 1 ball equals 3 points.
  • Brown or shock-colored balls, 1 ball is equal to 4 points.
  • 1 blue ball equals 5 points
  • Pink balls have 1 ball, equal to 6 points.
  • The black ball has 1 ball equals 8 points.

in snooker betting It will be a competition by alternating stabbing a white ball to hit another color ball into the hole. When any side is stabbed into a hole will have the right to continue stabbing in the next ball. until not stabbed into the hole will switch to the other party to continue stabbing