‘Pep’ raises ‘Swan’ team that may block the boat from the Champions

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Domestic and continental rivals Pep Guardiola have cited Liverpool as one of the teams that could block Manchester City from winning the Champions League this season.

The Premier League leaders showed another great performance with a 5-0 win over Sporting Lisbon on Tuesday night,

however Guardiola is not looking forward to a Champions League trophy after saying that. that there are still many teams that will become dangerous for them One of the teams is Liverpool, the rivals who have been fighting each other for many years in the league.

“Last season in the Champions League, we played 14-15 games, won 12, drew one and we lost the final. So to play the Champions League with a better performance than last season is impossible,” Guardiola told ufabet Sport .

“People say ‘this year we have to win the Champions League’, last year we tried, two seasons ago we tried. Every time we play this tournament we try

to win trophies. There is an appetite to fight for each other, look at Raheem, Bernardo.”

Asked which team had the chance to beat them in European football, Guardiola replied: “Liverpool, they are behind. We are six points, Liverpool have been a big contender in the last several seasons, always there

. They are a wonderful team on the European stage, look at what PSG showed today, they played really well against Madrid, watching teams like Inter Milan or Liverpool or United.”

“When you’re the favorite, it doesn’t guarantee you anything in April or May. In a long-term competition like the Premier League, when you win you are the best.”

“Our Champions League goal is to focus on the next moment, the next game because everything can change. It’s not like that in the Premier League, but with this tournament it’s the way it is.”

Manchester City are currently nine points ahead of Liverpool in the Premier League table. But the famous Merseyside team has another game in hand.