The horse cabinet formula reveals the technique of numerical assessment analysis

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horse cabinet recipe

The previous article has already introduced about the horse -drawn arcade game . But how to play to earn money? When there are many betting tables full of slots,
look and pattern, as well as those of roulette that have it all.

1. Evaluate the return

That is, we don’t have to pay attention to being a pair of horses. But let’s look at the returns mainly as follows:
We can see that the game returns are all as follows:
1000 , 500 , 200 , 175 , 125 , 100 , 60 , 30 , 20 , 10 , 8 , 5 , 4 , 3.

2. Set the bet score per eye.

We will set the maximum bet horse amount in each turn, for example set 110 points, we can bet at the lowest score per box of 10 points, so we can place a total of 10 coins.

3. Set a set of numbers to place bets.

set of numbers There is no fixed criteria. depending on preference such as wanting to be sure then divide down the low yield numbers a bit want to win high prizes then choose some high yield numbers
Suppose we will choose a set of bet numbers as follows:
10 , 8 , 5 , 4 , 3 which are all 5 low return numbers.

4. Calculate profit and loss

The usual formula is: Profit = Return – Bet Amount. So let us know How much money will we get in each box?
Return 3 = (3 x 30) – 110 = 90 – 110 = -20 baht
. Return 4 = (4 x 20) – 110 = 80 – 110 = -30 baht
. Result Return 5 = (5 x 20) – 110 = 100 – 110 = -10 baht
Return 8 = (8 x 20) – 110 = 100 – 110 = 50 baht
Return 10 = (10 x 20) – 110 = 200 – 110 = 90 baht

5. Estimate the number of eyes lost from the maximum profit.
From our bets like this Let us always consider that Low returns are always the horse ones that tend to pay more often. but we will take into account that How to make the return here, the loss is as little as possible And it’s been waiting for the game to come out with some higher rewards, which is what we were expecting. Therefore, the low-yielding eye is the eye that we intend to waste in vain. to accept losses from that game The more often the same low-paying game, the more likely it will go to other higher rewards. which let us assess The highest return we can get How many eyes will make a loss from that return in total?

For example, we get a maximum payout of 90 points. If the game returns 4 times, for which we lose 30 points, then the game should have no more than 3 rounds of this turn to be profitable. It will be a loss.

6. Adjust the numbers
if you think that the number of eyes that can be lost is too small. When considering item 5, the number may be adjusted again. because we may choose to win too many numbers May reduce the number of some fields, for example, cut the return 10 out and increase the return 8 times to 30 points, it will be the remaining bet of only 100 points, which will get
a return of 3 = (3 x 30) – 100 = 90 – 100 = -10 baht

You see, reducing the number of numbers causing the bet amount per eye to decrease In addition, the amount of loss is less. Plus the maximum profit is also increased. In this case, if the return is 4 times, which is a loss of 20 points, we expect to pay back 8 times within 7 eyes, so there is no loss. In addition, the return of 5 times does not cause us any losses.
Called as surrendering points from a low-reward game. In order to hope for results, wait for a chance to win a high-reward game after that.

7. Separate budget
, ask, oh well, this is a high return. what can i do We can place bets. but to separate the budget It must be admitted that high returns are definitely not easy to come out, so while we bet on returns according to the formula Also, place a high-reward bet amount. ทางเข้า ufabet