Klopp urges his team to continue their streak even though they are eliminated.

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp wants to see his team fight hard in the game against Atalanta. Even if they end up being eliminated. But I want it to be a “beautiful” failure.

    The “Reds” have a tough job waiting for them in the second leg of the Europa League round of 8, where they have to visit Atalanta after losing 0-3 at home in the first game. Which Klopp hopes to see. The team members fought with dignity. Although unable to qualify for the next round in the end Compare with the situation that. Barcelona won and qualified for the UEFA Champions League in 2018/19.UFABET 

    “As I remember at the time [against Barcelona], I was hardly prepared for anything like this. Especially not the day before the game or four years before or whatever.” Klopp said.


“What I would say to the children I will miss tomorrow But of course, nothing like this had been said at a press conference before. I remember I said that if we fail, let us fail in the most beautiful way. And that’s the clear way I see it again.”

    “But I said we want to win this game. And if we want to win, we play well. If we play well we have a chance to win and then we’ll see.”