Murphy believes Liverpool can qualify for Europa League.

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Former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy believes his old team will be able to beat Atalanta and successfully advance to the semi-finals of the Europa League.

    The “Reds” had lost in the first game 0-3 last week. Leading to the view that the team might give up and focus on the Premier League instead. But Jurgen Klopp confirmed that he would play to his fullest. Fi is confident that the former team has a chance to make it to the next round as well UFABET 

    “The team selection (for the first leg) has been criticized, and rightly so,” Murphy told TalkSport. “There were too many senior players not on the field. And then he (Klopp) made a change at half-time. So he knows he made a mistake.”

    “With that Atalanta gained some momentum and it was a brave performance from them. The team was bold and they created opportunities and took them.”

    “But the truth is they lost at home in a way no one expected against a team brave enough to attack and I don’t think Klopp will repeat his mistake with his team selection. I think he will use a strong team.”

    “I think we’re going to see the craziness. We’re going to see Liverpool going full force from the first minute and taking risks to score the first goal. The thing is, Atalanta are not the type of team to defend. already So we will see a tough game.”

    “A few years ago they won 5-0 in the Champions League, Jota scored a hat-trick, Salah scored, these players are still in the team. They [Atalanta] are not a team that… Excellent and they are an attacking team, so if Liverpool get their first goal they might be a bit worried too. It will be confusion and chaos.”