Toney is asking for a salary of 250,000 per week.

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Toney is asking for a salary of 250,000 per week. The Sun, a famous English media outlet reports that. Brentford striker Evan Toney is aiming for a salary of 250,000 pounds per week to move to a big football club.

    The 28-year-old striker has been continuously linked with a transfer since being released from his ban, returning to the field in January, having scored 4 goals in 13 games played. After showing results last season. Great job scoring 20 goals in the Premier League.UFABET 

    Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United, three well-known teams in the league are said to be interested in Toney and may offer to buy him. It was previously reported that. Brentford placed a price of around 30-40 million pounds.

    However, according to reports from the British media. Toney is prepared to demand wages as high as 250,000 pounds per week, or 13 million pounds per year. Which is more than Bruno Fernandes, the captain of the “Red Devils” team.

    Currently United’s highest paid players are Carlos Casemiro and Jadon Sancho, who earn £350,000 a week. But it is expected that both will be released from the team after the end of this season.